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Single-Machine Series > Cutting & Winding

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Used for cross cutting for sheeting applications and winding soft compact roll. In addition, edge-trim knives and other slitting devices can be added according to individual applic

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YYHQ Cross-Cutter & Winder

The device is used to compress and compact wadding roll into a smaller more compact roll for ease of packing and shipping.

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YYDB Packer

To open material on a continuous basis which has been cut from the sides of the finished product. This is sent for re-blending at the start of the process automatically. Options av

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YYBL Edge-trim opener

The device is used to cut the large or long waste materials into small and short pieces, which are easy to be processed on the recycling machine.

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YYQT Waste fabric cutter

This device is used to process waste material from the web forming systems into fiber to be re-used by re-blending at the start of the process. The number of cylinders and producti

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YYSB Recycling machine