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YYSL Carding Machine

- Working width:1550-2500mm
- Capacity:150-500kg/h
- Doffer Output speed:≤ 45m/min


a) Machine frame is made of high quality steel, winded, high temperature removed stress and high-precision processed, assembled with brace.

b) Horizontal feeding lattice is PVC lattice, with pressing roller for evenly feeding.

c) Four rollers for feeding with diameter φ65mm, anti-metal protection device is used at the material input of machine,which could test the metal and has auto-stop warning.

d) Diameter of pre-cylinder: 850mm, Diameter of main cylinder: 1230mm, Diameter of middle doffer: 635mm

e) There are 4 pairs of working roller and stripping roller for pre-cylinder and 5 pairs for main cylinder; nine carding section in total to card fiber completely and form web evenly.

f) Edge-suction system is equipped in 6 places and the dust particles will be transferred to special dust cage.

g) Walking platforms are placed on two sides of machine for inspection and maintenance.

The configuration of the card can be changed to suit your requirements.

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