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YYSL-IC2D2 Carding Machine

High Performance Card

- Working width:1550-3200mm
- Output capacity:200-1000kg/h/set
- Output speed:≤80m/min
- Web net weight: 20>80 g/m2

a) Machine frame is modular design and split joints are assemble with location pin to ensure precision of whole machine.

b) Random roller set on the top part.

c) Diameter of breast-cylinder: 850mm, Diameter of main cylinder: 1230mm, the roller is rolled from armor plate and special processing technology to ensure the trueness of the rollers and the dynamical balanced for smooth operation.

d) Surface precision grinding of the cylinder tolerance to less than 0.02mm.

e) The feeding roller is fitted with a cleaning roller to prevent fiber jamming.

f) The working rollers and stripping rollers are sealed to prevent fiber jamming.

g) High-precision undergirds effectively control the airflow and ensure the CV value of fiber web.

h) Under-grid system is an enclosed environment and designed for easy cleaning access.

i) There are 14 suction points throughout the carding machine. The suction system continuously and effectively removes fiber and dust.

j) Opening of the card cover is by air-cylinder assisted control.

k) Rubber doffing roller used to remove the fiber from the doffers.

l) Platforms and guardrail are placed on two sides of machine for easy inspection, production and maintenance.

m) The card covers work together to generate a negative pressure to prevent fiber from accumulating at end edge of shafts resulting in reducing frequency of cleaning.

n) Metal detection devices are standard on feed rollers.

o) Advanced control system by inverter drives. All drives including main drive, doffers, workers, feed rolls etc are variable speed.

The configuration of the card can be changed to suit your requirements.

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