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YYSL-IVC1D1 Carding Machine

- Machine working width 600mm

- Suitable for polyester staple fibre, nylon fibre, polypropylene fibre etc

- Fibre specification 2.5Dtex-15dtex, 38mm-76mm; suitable for other specification with different card wire

- Machine speed is up to 70m/min, outputting web is 10-50gsm

- Single cylinder single doffer with flying comb for stripping, with rollers for option

- Four carding sections, working rollers and stripping rollers adopt structure of double bearings

- Reliable metal detector to protect the carding wire

- High processing accuracy with surface radical runout and straightness of cylinder less than 0.22mm

- Advanced control system with servo motor or inverter for drive, to ensure the synchronisation of complete machine as well as with the machines before and after. Web quality is stable during machine start and stop

- Speed adjustable for making various products

- The machine doors are equipped with electronic lock for safety

- CE Certificate certified

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